Friday, October 1, 2010

Kim Bali

Claire, Elin and I had these scrumptious dishes
at Kim Bali, First Garden, Ipoh.

Korean Appetizer RM16.80
-something special

Broccoli dish RM8.80

Crispy Fish with Sweet Sour Sauce RM29.80
-Fresh and crispy

Meat with Salted Fish RM12.80
-goes well with fried ginger

Onion Chicken RM12.80


reanaclaire said...

wenn, how much did this meal cost by the way?? not that i want to pay you back..hahahaha..but to know whether it is worth it or not..
*quickly say thank you for the sumptuous lunch*

wenn said...

You are welcome..

ok, will put in the price then.

Elin said...

Wenn...thanks for the great lunch. I enjoyed the fellowship besides the food and great meeting up with you and your gal. And thanks for the gifts too :)

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I want the fish with Sweet & Sour!!

Thanks for joining FoodTripFriday.

Alice Law said...

The spread of food very appetizing!

Mel Cole said...

Ang sarap naman nyan. Nakakagutom!

My Food Trip Friday here

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

Wow, yummy! You belanja this time?

wenn said...

Elin, you are welcome. Hope to see more of u in future.

wenn said...

Autumn Belle, I treated them cos I will be getting my first nuffnang cheque soon.

Denesa said...

Yo! The fish looks so good. My favourite. Again read this before lunch and it makes me really hungry!

Pete said...

Wah, price nice, dishes also nice!

MeRy said... yummy....

Cooking Gallery said...

The foods look great! I almost thought it's an Indonesian restaurant because of the name 'Bali'!

Jenn said...

All the dishes looked good - but my eyes are glued on that onion chicken! :)

My Food Trip Friday post is up HERE.

anne said...

all the foods looks so perfect and I am sure it is so yummy thanks for sharing

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