Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Claire and I had our breakfast
at Indulgence last Sunday.
It was our first meeting
so Indulgence would definitely be a special place for us.

Pomme Pomme
slightly ruffled chat potato halves with skin,
topped with poached eggs,
crispy croissant slices, spinach, carrot puree, fritti

Boxed In
egg, turkey cubes, baked beans,
onions in crisp bread square
with hollandaise & lemon pepper pearls

This was my third time there.
Hope to go there again!

Wanna see my second time there, click here.


reanaclaire said...

Wenn, thank you for the wonderful meal.. it was the most "spectacular" breakfast I ever had.. didnt expect I finished it all up clean and nice.. hahaha...

Elin said...

Wenn...those food served looked delectable especially those very nicely done poached eggs. I always find it hard to do paoched eggs :p and I am sure Claire loved her boxed in...hahaha she told me she can't eat lunch and dinner after that lol! Glad you like the cuppies and Claire would be most happy to hear that. She wanted something different..something not sold in Ipoh :p

wenn said...

Thanks to Claire for bringing those cupcakes from Elin. I love to eat cupcakes.

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