Tuesday, August 17, 2010

San Francisco Steak House

On the 8th of August, we had a very expensive dinner
at San Francisco Steak House,
Coliseum Square, Ipoh.
It was our first time there.

the menu book

Grill Lamb RM47.90
It was the most expensive but my girl loved it!

Chicken Maryland RM20.90

Cod Fillet RM47.90
This was the most expensive too but my mum enjoyed it!

Mushroom Burger RM22.90
I had this but it was beef. I don't take beef but this was great!

Fish and Chips RM22.90

Oreo Drink RM9.90
This drink was great!

Thanks to my husband for this scrumptious dinner!


Cooking Gallery said...

Oreo drink!! I have never had such a drink but I am very sure it's fantastic! Do you know Oreo McFlurry from McD? I used to love that a lot (well, I still do, but cannot find Oreo MyFlurry in Germany :().

smallkucing said...

They have daily set lunch which is very affordble too.

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