Monday, August 30, 2010

One Malaysia Appetizer

My girl learned how to make this appetizer from her friend and then she made it at home.

Here's the carrot and the celery..

and the mushroom..

wrapped in ham..

one plus one..

then many..

fried as one..

One Malaysia!

Happy Merdeka,


Pete said...

Good for cocktail party...nice!

Bacolod and Beyond said...

I missed this kind of mushroom, so yummy... Thanks for the visit Wenn, Blessings!


Oh this is one of your other blog....Ok keep up your passion & "rojak" ingredients signify 1malaysia??

Life Ramblings said...

looks delicious. Happy Merdeka.

Cooking Gallery said...

Lovely! Those are just like tapas :).

tigerfish said...

Great idea. The flavor of the ham must have fused into the vegetables :)

Dhemz said...

oh my yummy!

SEO Los Angeles said...

What a great party dish idea!

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